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The Differences Between Fairtex Glove Models

Nowadays there are so many different model options when it comes to Fairtex Muay Thai gloves that it can become confusing as to which one to get. This comprehensive guide will give you a run through of each of the main different types of glove so by the end of it you will be able to make a more informed decision about which is best for you.

Fairtex BGV1 Gloves

These are Fairtex’s classic Muay Thai glove. If you have trained anywhere in the past you will have seen numerous people wearing these.
The Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai gloves feature a premium leather covering and are constructed using Fairtex signature three-layered foam system.
These gloves offer a pretty standard fit that are perhaps a little more snug on the hand than the classic Twins BGVL3 gloves. If you are in any doubt about which model to buy, or you are new to Muay Thai then it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of BGV1 gloves.

Fairtex BGV1-B Gloves

The Fairtex BGV1-B gloves are pretty much identical to the classic BGV1 Gloves but feature a breathable mesh palm (hence the ‘-B’).
They still feature the same three-layer foam system and are constructed of premium leather just like the BGV1’s but the added mesh palm allows for additional ventilation to the hands.
In terms of fit, you should find them to be exactly the same as the BGV1’s as well.

Fairtex BGV9 ‘Mexican Style’ Gloves

The BGV9 Fairtex Mexican Style gloves are specifically designed for “heavy hitters”. These are a bit more of a specialist glove but they are very popular with bigger individuals who use a lot of power punch techniques when hitting pads or the bag.
The BGV9 gloves feature an extra long cuff, increased knuckle padding and a nylon water repellent lining. The combination of these means that the impact is evenly distributed throughout from the wrist to the head of the glove whilst providing additional wrist support.
If you are a heavyweight or a very heavy hitter these gloves are a fantastic option to ensure you have maximum protection when training.

Fairtex BGV14 Gloves

Here is where things begin to differ… The BGV14 gloves are constructed using a premium microfibre material for the outer shell to provide a consistent weight throughout the glove. Microfibre is incredibly durable, flexible and odourless, meaning these gloves will provide maximum longevity and comfort.
Unlike the BGV1 and BGV1-B gloves the BGV14 range feature a multi-layered high impact latex foam core and a longer cuff which will provide additional support for the wrist.
These gloves are a little larger than the BGV1 or BGV1-B due to the nature of the longer cuff and there is a little more space in the hand compartment as well.
There are plain red, black and pink options as well as the stunning Limited edition ‘Painter’ options available in black with white paint splash and white with colour paint splash.

Fairtex BGV19 ‘Tight Fit’ Gloves

The Fairtex BGV19 ‘tight fit’ gloves are a relatively recent addition but have proved to be very popular. These gloves feature a tighter fitting hand compartment with additional padding in the knuckle area. They also have an improved thumb position which is slightly more tucked in than on a traditional glove.
The BGV19 gloves are constructed of cow-hide leather just like the BGV1 gloves and still contain Fairtex’s signature three-layered foam system for superior hand and knuckle protection and shock disbursement.
If you have smaller hands or don’t like wearing hand wraps then these gloves are an excellent choice. People with bigger hands that like to wear wraps might find these a little too snug.

Fairtex BGV22 Gloves

The BGV22 glove from Fairtex are very similar to the BGV1 but have a slightly tighter fit and additional padding in the knuckle area. They are constructed of premium leather and are available in 3 metallic colours (purple, red and green). They also come with a handy re-useable tote bag to store them in.
They are certainly not as tight fitting as the BGV19 but are slightly more snug than the classic BGV1. If you were considering the BGV19 tight fit gloves but felt they might be a little too tight then these are a good option for something somewhere in between.

Fairtex BGV24 ‘The Beauty Of Survival’ Gloves

These absolutely stunning BGV24 gloves from Fairtex are a limited edition design featuring a Raven fighting a Serpent for survival. They are very similar in terms of fit to the BGV22 gloves mentioned above and are also made using 100% premium Thai leather.
The BGV24 gloves also come with a Nylon drawstring bag for storage. If you decide to go for these gloves you won’t be disappointed.

Fairtex BGV25 ‘F-Day 2’ Gloves

The BGV25 ‘F-Day 2 Desert Operation’ gloves are another limited edition design from Fairtex. Unlike the limited edition BGV24 gloves these are constructed using microfiber leather (much like the BGV14’s discussed earlier) making them a great Vegan friendly alternative.
The BGV25 gloves have a very similar fit to the classic BGV1 gloves but feature a slightly longer cuff for additional wrist support.
These gloves are a great gift for someone as they come with a collectors box, a free scarf, an engraved dog tag and a cover letter explaining the concept behind the gloves and their design.

In Closing…

After reading this article you should now have a better understanding of the differences between the Fairtex glove models. Fairtex are renowned for the craftsmanship and quality of their equipment meaning whichever gloves you decide to opt for you will receive gloves of the highest possible quality when it comes to longevity and comfort.

Still not sure which gloves to go for? Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to assist you.

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