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Muay Thai Grand Prix

MTGP features some of the hottest Muay Thai, K-1 and MMA talent from around the world.
Muay Thai Grand Prix have promoted events in the United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Iraq and the Reunion Islands for over 5 years now and are considered to be one of Europe’s leading promotions.

Diamond Fight

Diamond fight, based in Banbury Oxfordshire are a newer promotion showcasing the best in UK and international Muay Thai/K1 talent.

Run by former Muay Thai champion Rob Allen, Diamondfight understand what it takes to really put on a show!

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Lyndon Knowles

Lyndon “Knowlesy” Knowles

Lyndon Knowles, hailing from the Knowlesy academy in London is the WBC World Muay Thai Champion in the Heavyweight division.

Lyndon is the current WBC Heavyweight World Champion and describes his style as aggressive (which anyone who has seen him fight can attest to!)

Lyndon started training Muay Thai at the age of 17 following in the footsteps of his brother Christian and has an impressive record of 50 wins, 15 losses and 2 draws.

Shannon “Suay” Kelly

Shannon is a 29 year old Muay Thai fighter and coach from North London. Shannon has been training in Muay Thai for over six years now, for four of those years she was lucky enough to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is the current British Champion in the 48kg weight category.

Shannon has had 20+ fights, most of which were in Thailand. Shannon has been surrounded by Muay Thai as her dad (Kru Will from Diablo) has always been a coach so she grew up watching him train fighters. 

Shannon was also a national Irish dance champion and travelled to many different countries to compete. 

Each day Shannon continues to fall in love with the sport more and more and one day hopes to become world champion.

Evan “The Boy Wonder” Jays

Evan Jays, fighting out of TeamTieu in London, is a ranked Muay Thai fighter in the 60kg weight class.

Evan started training Muay Thai at just 8 years old has had over 150 fights altogether with 30 of those as a pro. Evan started training Karate and Kickboxing and felt that Muay Thai was a natural next step in his martial arts career.

Evan was inspired at a young age watching fighters like John Wayne Parr, Damien Trainor and Takeru and has adapted a technical countering Muay Thai style which is beautiful to watch.

Evan Jays

Jamie “The Golden Boy” Rayner

Jamie Rayner is a UK based Muay Thai fighter who competes in the 70-72.5kg weight class. Fighting out of Jai Dee Muay Thai based in Hertfordshire Jamie started his journey in Muay Thai in 2000.

When visiting a a local gym at 9 years old Jamie came across Muay Thai by chance when he saw a class taking place in a squash court and was immediately hooked. This turned out to be Minotaur gym run by Paul Taylor and Ralph Beale who had a stable of talented fighters and ended up having his first fight the same year.

Jamie describes his style as Muay Khao and took early inspiration from fighters such as Michael Wakeling appreciating the controlled aggression and technique.

Mike “The Cannibal” Clarke

Mike is a UK based Muay Thai and MMA fighter who competes in the 74-76kg weight classes. Fighting out of Jai Dee Muay Thai in Hertfordshire.

Mike has a ruthless clinical pressure style of fighting and takes inspiration from ‘Golden Era’ Muay Thai fighters such as Anantasak Panyuthapum due to his aggressive style and his southpaw stance. His main inspiration comes from his trainer Andy Newell, the head coach at Team Jai Dee, who he credits for pushing him to perform to his potential.

Mikes toughest fight was against George Lynch fighting on the Diamond Fight promotion in February 2022 where he got the win a very closely fought contest where his constant clinch pressure and knees to the back gave him the nod from the judges.

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