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UK stock of Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves ready for same-day dispatch. Handmade in Thailand with quality craftsmanship.

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Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves 🥊

Fairtex gloves have been a staple in Muay Thai and other sports and competitions including Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and K-1 for more than a decade.

Each pair of gloves is handmade in Thailand from premium quality materials and made to withstand the punishment of Muay Thai training.

Official UK Retailer 🇬🇧

We are proud to be official UK retailers of Fairtex equipment. All of our Fairtex gloves are in stock and ready for same-day dispatch.

Muay Thai glove sizing 📏

For a comprehensive guide on glove sizing see our guide on glove sizes. Generally gloves are available in sizes 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.

If you’re going to be sparring you’ll likely want a pair of 16oz Fairtex gloves. These have the most padding and will do the least damage to your sparring partner.

10oz or 12oz gloves are lighter and make hitting the bag or pads less taxing on the arms and shoulders.